Airbnb Properties Straight Out of Westeros


This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the beginning of the end! The first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones airs today and honestly, we are so ready and so not ready all at the same time! Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, even George R Martin had no idea going into this final season. All we really know is that once it’s all over in six weeks’ time, we’re going to need one heck of a holiday. And what better place to go than a Game of Thrones location. Did you know that Airbnb is a bit of a loot train for those wishing to spend their nights in the wonders of Westeros? From themed houses and look a like venues to genuine set locations, Airbnb has properties available that any king would be honoured to stay in. From Winterfell to Riverrun, they’ve got it all. Just like you, we want a piece of that action, so you can check out our favourites below…

Midsummer Night's Dream - Dubrovnik


Located in Dubrovnik, Croatia, this property looks over the iconic St. Lawrence Fortress. All you’d need is a good glass of wine on this balcony and you’d basically be Cersei Lannister looking over the capital of Westeros! Dubrovnik as a whole will remind you a great deal of King’s Landing, many of the scenes for it were shot there.  It’s unsurprising that people say this is the perfect place for anyone to dream of taking your rightful place on the iron throne. Airbnb rate the owner of this place as a Superhost so you can be sure that you’ll be taken care off. Book your stay now.

The Townhouse - Catalonia


While this home is far more modern than anything you could find in Westeros, what it overlooks makes it incredibly appealing to fans of the HBO series. Sant Domenec Square, more specifically the steps of it, were used for Arya’s battle with the Waif in Braavos. You’ll remember them as the steps she fell down during the battle. And hey, while most of this home isn’t particularly ‘thronesey’, it does date back to the 16<sup>th&nbsp;</sup>Century, and with stone walls and arches reminiscent of the Crypts in Winterfell, it’ll make anyone feel at least a little like the Hand of the King – hopefully not the constantly impending doom part! You and nine of your finest knights can stay here together but you better act quickly to avoid disappointment! Book your stay now.

The Shadow of the Cathedral - Girona

Margaery's Atonement

The view from this window won’t be sniffed at by anyone, but for Game of Thrones fans, it’s just that little bit more special. Located in Girona, Spain, this stunning apartment looks directly onto the steps of the Cathedral de Girona, where Margaery Tyrel awaited her atonement. With room for up to three guests, this could be the perfect place for a family to experience a few nights in Westeros. Book your stay now.

The Dragon House - Suffolk

Channel your inner Khaleesi

While this house has no real connection to Game of Thrones, it would be perfect for any aspiring Khaleesi. Located in Southwold, Suffolk UK, this historically themed property not only comes with a staircase that winds around a raw tree trunk, but it has its very own dragon (although unfortunately, it’s not a real fire breathing one!). Despite the property’s medieval appearance, it is no more than 10 years old, so it’s still got all the mod cons that you would expect to have in a 21st century home. Book your stay now.

Gosford Castle - Northern Island


Finally, the piece de resistance. This is the actual castle that belonged to the family of Catelyn Stark in Riverrun. Located in Northern Island, Gosford Castle recently came up for sale with offers as little as £500,000 being considered. While it’s not currently on Airbnb, the next owner has been offered help with renovations if they list it on the site. That sounds like an offer that even the mad king wouldn’t turn down! The current owner is considering offers as low as £500,000, which is pretty incredible when you consider the average price for a condo in New York is more than that and this is for an entire castle!

So, there we have it, our favourite Game of Thrones properties on Airbnb! Which is your favourite? Will you be putting your hand up for the iconic Gosford Castle? Hopefully someone does because we would love to insure it! But for now, get yourself settled in for a long winter, and enjoy the new season.

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