The guest deposit alternative

A quick and easy virtual deposit solution for hosts and guests

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Protection for the little things

Pay as little as £2 a night for £1,000 deposit insurance
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Accidental damage by a guest

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Deliberate damage by a guest

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Theft by a guest

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The problem for hosts

Taking a meaningful deposit from a guest is hard, the regulations around handling the guest’s money are complicated and resolving host/guest disagreements quickly gets messy. Deposits are crucial to both host and guest, but the traditional method breaks down when the length of stay is only a few nights

The problem for guests

The traditional deposit model makes no sense to the Airbnb generation. Why would they give £1,000 to a relative stranger for a booking that might cost a fraction of that

The Solution: The power of a virtual deposit

DEPOSITCOVER removes the need to take an actual cash deposit from the guest. It works just as a normal deposit would, allowing deductions for damage but not for expected wear and tear...

  • It increases transparency for all – no need for the guest to hide damage to try and “get away with it”.
  • It will provide a far better and more positive customer experience when an accident has happened.
  • It removes a key barrier to guests booking.
  • It reduces payment processing fees associated with taking traditional deposits.
  • It removes the admin heavy task of taking and then refunding deposits for each booking taken by a host.

What does DEPOSITCOVER cost

It depends on you, your home and the stay.

Keep Hank happy 

Most pay £2-3 per day

Price per day

As an example, a host put cover in place for their 2-bed flat on Waterloo Street in Brighton this morning for £2.81 per night

How does it work

You only pay when guests come to stay

Putting cover in place for every stay would be a real ‘boar’ so we’ve built some neat tech to do it for you. Sign up to GUARDHOG, choose Autohog, and then we can automatically cover each and every stay.

It’s fuss free with no annual commitments.

Please read our policy wording before you purchase our cover.


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