Insurance protecting guests when booking properties through home-sharing platforms

The Problem

Over 7% of guests have been scammed over a non-existent short-term rental. The No1. concern for guests booking short-term rentals is that they will be scammed.

The Solution

GUESTCOVER: Insurance protecting guests when booking a property.

The Cost

Every booking is different, and prices start from as little as £5 per booking.

Protection for guests using home-sharing platforms

Pay as little as £5 per booking to ensure a great trip, even if things do go wrong with your booking
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Home Failure

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Home Misrepresentation

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Home Fraud - Scam, Hacking, Property does not exist

We’re your backup plan

Travel insurance doesn't cover the new risks created by staying in someone else's home... for instance, if their hot water breaks down. That's where we come in. We'll pick you up, help sort out the mess and get your trip back on track.

How does it work

You only pay for each trip as you need

Putting cover in place for every stay would be a real ‘boar’ so we’ve built some neat tech to do it for you. Sign up to GUARDHOG, choose Autohog, and then we can automatically cover each and every stay.

It’s fuss free with no annual commitments.



What’s the catch

Cutting through the swill…

Please read our policy wording before you purchase our cover.

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