Trailblazing home-sharing insurance

We protect you from the stuff that might happen when you have paying guests, exchange partners or house sitters to stay.


Malicious damage

Definition: When your guest purposefully damages your home

Example: Graffiti, organised ‘open house’ party, vandalism


Accidental damage

Definition: When your guest has an unexpected incident that damages your home or stuff

Example: Spilling a glass of wine, knocking a picture off the wall


Definition: When your guest, or someone else, takes your stuff home with them

Example: Burglar Betty, who might be your guest, or who might have snuck in when your guest left a window or front door open by mistake, making off with your cheese fondue set


Bodily Injury (Public Liability)

Definition: When your guest has an accident or suffers an injury in or around your home

Example: A ceiling collapses or they fall down the stairs

Home-sharing liability

Definition: When your guests cause damage to a neighbouring property

Example: Damage to a downstairs flat after the bath taps were accidentally left on


With a few bells and whistles


Loss of income


Excessive use of utilities


Replacement keys and locks


Bug&bear cover (infestation)


Legal expenses


Identity theft

We’re here for you when others aren’t

Most platform guarantees do not replace your insurance policy, and at best will only cover damage directly attributable to the guest, this creates those grey areas!

Your existing insurer is likely to suspend or restrict cover, and even if they say it’s OK, this doesn’t mean you have the extra cover needed for the new risks. With GUARDHOG there’s no need to replace your existing insurance and we protect you when accidents happen.


What does HOSTCOVER cost

It depends on you, your home and the stay.

Keep Bob in the box

Most pay £1-3 per day


As an example, a host put cover in place for their 2-bed flat on Waterloo Street in Brighton this morning for 4 nights for £5.97, or £1.49 per night.

How does it work

You only pay for the nights guests stay

Putting cover in place for every stay would be a real ‘boar’ so we’ve built some neat tech to do it for you. Sign up to GUARDHOG, choose Autohog, and then we can automatically cover each and every stay.

It’s fuss free with no annual commitments.



What’s the catch

Cutting through the swill…

Please read our policy wording before you purchase our host insurance cover.

You need to have valid underlying insurance in place, and you should let your existing insurer know you’re home-sharing

Let us know if you need help with annual cover

We replicate your existing policy limits (so there is no drop-in-cover provided) We have a £250 excess and a £1,000 minimum claim – insurance is there for the big things rather than a broken wine glass

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